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The Winter Years is a musical book in which quality of life, faith, love and meaning are given acoustic substance. A shared testament for experiences transcending tragedy and turmoil.

Winter Years: Welcome


A few years ago, health problems significantly diminished Geoffrey's ability to make music. The purpose of his existence had until then always been connected with sound, crafted through the making of music. Inability to play cooled and froze his landscape. He did, though, come to terms with this. 

As they sometimes do, events subsequently took an unexpected turn handing Geoffrey an astonishing resolution, but one with an eye-watering catch. One morning he was introduced by his doctor to a new, unwanted and very spectral friend: finality. Geoffrey walked away with a prescription to palliate his condition. Those drugs were a hard and bitter deal; but they slightly sweeten a friendship he didn't want.


But those same drugs restored full use of his hands, and music flowed back into his sinews.

Geoffrey_headshot close_V_15Oct21.jpg


This seismic shift electrified Geoffrey to action. It revealed with irresistible intensity how freedom can appear in the place of choice, when choice is removed. Geoffrey began at once to make music again, with humility, gratitude and, most of all, with purpose. To pay musical homage to his loved ones, to all of the minutes, months and years he has been gifted in six decades on three continents. And The Winter Years was created. 

The grass sparkles in the early morning light. The birds sing, the traffic hums and the world turns. The same world it was and always will be. Floodgates have been opened; Geoffrey will ride this unexpected current with conviction, because it will likely wane before he would have wished.

The Winter Years is a wholesome and therapeutic celebration of what is given, not a funeral for what is taken away. We can consciously make difficulty and struggle our conduit to sublime quality of sublime life. The motivation to record this Album stems from Geoffrey's burning desire to share this revelation in his music. To make it available to anyone, anywhere who may take comfort, meaning or solace.


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