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A Long and Winding Road

Born in Bristol and growing up in London and on Arran before a peripatetic adult life, Geoffrey Armes' biography is a testament to what thoughtful, unbending application can achieve. It is rich, eventful and contains immense mileage. 

Geoffrey is a seasoned musical alchemist, an exponent of the piano, guitar, and percussion. He has filled a six decades long odyssey with the creation and development of his own musical style. 

His insight, intuition and subtle talent as a musician have been sought after and put to use by renowned recording artists. The recognised architects of modern dance lean heavily on his musical sixth sense; names like Martha Graham, Alvin Ailey and Merce Cunningham. He has toured in his own right playing in New York, Berlin, Amsterdam, Tokyo and London.

"AND HERE I AM IN THE LAST QUARTER, the last season, the winter years before birth and spring rejuvenation, with one foot away in the next world and the other being that resides here with the urgent imperative at times to take care of business before leaving. As ever in song. Looking in all directions - past, sideways and anticipatory, forward.  An album - an alchemy or recording and transposing..."

The Winter Years is his first recorded album since 2010 and the culmination of a lifelong physical, spiritual and musical journey. It is a masterpiece purposefully weaving a life of observation, curiosity and conviction into a set of songs.

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