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It’s a solid piece of work, it’s his own art, the lyrics are lovely, and if he’s looking for any form of validation, he has it from me...the world is subsumed in self-made art, which means nobody has any time for any one else’s, but the more of us who can be creative, especially later in life, the better.

Tony Fletcher, Broadcaster, Journalist, Author​

I liked the Geoffrey Armes album a lot...I liked that variegated percussion sound, which continued to grow on me, as the music did overall...I thought I heard faint hints of Bowie, in some of the melody shapes - but not enough that you'd think of it as imitative...there was a lot of great imagery....

— Allan Kozinn, music critic and journalist

One man's moving struggle against his fragile health may not be over, but his struggle to find meaning through his music certainly is!

— Geoffrey Smith, double Emmy award winning documentary and film maker

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